''Run, we are being surrounded!'' Two soldiers running for their lives.

I was testing a skin that I am making. C&C and some of that stuff.


beta of the skin.

Don’t say someone is surrounded until it actually looks surrounded. I hate these off-screen thingies.

Why? There is now always need to add enemies on the picture.

Camera angle is pretty bad.

Sorry but when I look at his picture I just see 2 random soldiers shooting and running. Two seconds pose IMO. I don’t have any feeling when I look at it.

You should put more effort in your picture…

I think that it’s not only 2 seconds job. I posed one shooting pose over 5 minutes. There was only ONE man with a pistol. Anyway, to the picture. I like it, muzzleflash is cool and posing is good. Arty for you!

I wanna know who comes in Dutch’s threads and defends his mediocre pictures with the power of ratings.

I didn’t rate the disagrees I was playing tf2.


I have proof.

This looks pretty bland, empty and stuff.
Posing is weird, I get the feeling they are dancing more than running.

When did I say it was you? Stop being so defensive.

I rated one disagree, i don’t know about the other one.

I spy duplicator: look at the legs. :ninja:

Left soldier forgot safety on.

pose and everything aside,those skins look good…