runawayGaming Wiped 2/24 12am Vanilla/Sleepers Experienced Players Prefered

Brand new server with an old longtime cs background Founders. We are looking for experienced players that understand this is a survival game with fps stratagey.
Promote a competitive Pvp environment while maintaining a strong community of players.
Server Connect: net.connect
Server Features:
Vanilla. “No mods no lag”
PVP “Not noob friendly”
Airdrops “20 Players”

Very nice server, excited to see all the players once the word gets out.

Thanks, ericy and your absolutely correct. This will be the place to be soon enoughf

Filling up. Fast. WOOT

Rock on. Get it.

Was nice seeing a fresh server with 15 plus people all afternoon!

Great server. Best I’ve played on yet very good core group of players currently. Everyone must check this server out for great PvP!