Runconsole Pointshop command


I want to put a system for all players who want to play a music to the addon Wiozy Media Center.

For the moment i have this

	if wyozimc.HasPermission(LocalPlayer(), "PlayAll") then
		menu:AddOption("Play for All", function()
			net.Start("wyozimc_play") net.WriteString(theurl) net.SendToServer()
			RunConsoleCommand("ps_takepoints", "" .. ply:Nick() .. "", "750")
		end):SetIcon( "icon16/control_play.png" )

Didn’t work. Can someone can help me for this plz?

If Console Commands are case sensitive, then you’d want to do PS_TakePoints instead

Didn’t work, don’t worry i’m gonna ask the owner of the addons.

Thx :slight_smile: