RunConsoleCommand Bypass?

Yo yo, is there any way i can do a run console command that is blocked? for example



thx yo yo

why? unless you’re doing something malicious you don’t need to run those

im totally not making a hack that turns off your crosshair with “crosshair 0”

Seems legit, if you want to hide the crosshair, just use HUDShouldDraw

then how would I be able to use the bind commands?


i dont get htat

You don’t need to hide the crosshair with a bind when you can do it with Lua. Use this on the client.

local function HUDShouldDraw(class)
if class == “CHudCrosshair” then return false end
hook.Add(“HUDShouldDraw”, “CrosshairHide”, HUdShouldDraw)

KillerLua, I already did that but I need to bypass RCC.

Get out


HUDShouldDraw for crosshair then make ur own bind system.

I have both of those, I just need a RCC bypass for other things :\

Even if someone posted one here, it’d get patched and not work in the future.

Find an alternative if you want this for legitimate purposes, find your own bypass if not.

Hmm, could this be you?

You definitely seem like someone who has legitimate uses for this sort of thing. :v:

ye dats me

Now with less copy and pasting!

Probably shouldnt be posting, but there was the alias exploit, but that was patched in the fix it vinh virus.

not that i used it or anything

alias wasn’t abused by the cough or fixed recently (or an issue).

oh, I though I saw it in the cl file it sent to the client. Mustve been something else.

It was used but not exploited