Runescape - Gmod - rs_runescape

Do you know Runescape?
Now in FPS!

Lumbridge,Varrock,Falador,Al Kharid,Wildreness
Port Sarim,Draynor Village,Draynor Manor,Musa Point,Barbarian Village

------ xD

Working on(NOW):
-Lumbridge Castle



(User was banned for this post ("Wrong Section" - Terrenteller))

Nice fullbright,horrible textures and boring skybox you got there.

The map isnt even finished…

Why is it in releases

Sorry my English is bad, I thought that Release for maps and main Mapping is for questions and etc.

Kinda true except it’s not fullbright, which is a really good first step.

But yeah. Find a more variation of textures and more detail to the buildings itself and surroundings. Else it looks too repetitive and dull.

They don’t look related to the game…

not only is this already done but 100 times better

Its not fullbright…

if you manage to make the entire world I will blow you.