Runescape: Lumbridge and Al-Kharid


Recently, I’ve began mapping areas from the browser game, Runescape. I started with Al-Kharid but put it on hold to make time for Lumbridge. Although it is early in development, I want to begin a thread to server as a beginning to end montage. My main goal is to finish at least a building a day and provide at least one screenshot a day.



Status: Work in Progress


Status: On Hold.


Oober Epic

Even though I necessarily don’t like runescape, I can tell that this work has some potential. I like the way you did the arabic styled buildings, to be honest.

Brings back memories…

Another guy was doing this exact same thing a while back… I think it was Runescape as well but maybe if you look it up you’ll get some inspiration from it.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

well now everyone thinks runescape is what happens when a cow has butt-sex with a radio active emu and the baby of that took a dump, and then that pile o’ brown mutated and had a baby, that’s were runescape is, but if the idea was put into the right hands it can have amazing outcomes, very well made and i hope to see more!

I’m looking forward to this. The Lumbridge castle looks actually really good.


That picture of Al-Kharid with the fountain looks way out of place, the fountain is way too big. Other than that this looks awesome.

I LOVE YOU!!! :mario:
Just kidding.
I love these two maps though, they both look awesome, but yeah that fountain is way out of place.

How ironic, there is a runescape ad below me.

Anyway the map looks good and it brings back many memories of me playing 4 hours a day just to increase a level.
Ah yes, the 5$ I lost so many times.

It’s not irony, the ad is showing because it says runescape on this page.

That’s just a place holder, I obviously don’t intend to have a fountain from City 17 to be in the middle of the desert. :3:


Also, expect the live stream to begin in about two to three hours. :v:

I might actually play Runescape (…again lol) if it looked like this and they cut more of the shit. imo the Arabic buildings are much better and look more detailed than the castle.

Back online:

Nostalgic, looking good. Unfortunately I’ve seen at least two other people work on a RuneScape map and after a while stopped giving out updates and probably just stopped working on it. :frown:

I like the contrast between the two different architectural styles.

Castle in first area looks a bit bland but I guess that’s what Runescape looks like. I am however a big fan of that house, it looks superb.

Hate these desert/mideastern themed maps, definitely go for lumbridge!

Very nice

Brings back many memories of a time before.