Runescape Models In Gmod?

I am planning on making a Garry’s Mod video using some RuneScape models taken from the game. No, I do not plan on distributing them, they will be for personal use only. Okay, here is what I have done so far, and then I will say what I need help on.

I downloaded a program called RSMV, which came with many old RuneScape models. I then downloaded a program called “DatMaker1_3”. I looked through all the models in RSMV, and found a Dragon Axe model I liked. I copied the model file and placed it in the DatMaker folder. I opened DatMaker and clicked on “Export”, and then “MQO”. I downloaded an SMD exporter plugin and MQO importer plugin for 3DS Max 2010, then I opened the Dragon Axe MQO file in 3DS Max. Everything looked fine, the model was colored and everything. Then I tried to export the MQO as an SMD in 3DS Max, but there was one error in the log. It read, "Writing Meshes…

  • “obj1”
    WARNING: Material “Material #35” does not appear to have a diffuse bitmap texture. Skipping mesh."

I then tried to open the model in MilkShape, but there was no mesh at all, literally nothing was there, just like the error said. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Sounds easier to make it from scratch.