A kind of runescape mod with pvp , with atleast inventory , skills , 3rd person view . you can move by clicking some where like in runescape , your hp show when you are fighting , or always show . you can get drop from what players have and you can only see it .

You’re looking for underdone gamemode. Google/Gmod search it.

Why not just play runescape if you want everything to be the same?

Shitty gfx ftl

Graphics are fine. Are you like two years late? That’s how long they’ve had the new system.

Runescape has shitty graphics, im pretty sure your 20 years late, buddy.

He’s right… The graphics suck. They should make a desktop version, well not saying I would play it anyway …

runescape is for 9 years old kids from UK


This too.

Can you mod noob ? no so shut the fuck up


If they do , runescape would be with alot of hackers (hacking files)


And Adventure Quest is for fags like you


I already played underdone but didnt liked it


I do play runescape … Its just that it would be fun in gmod

This thread is funny.

I agree that runescape sucks but bad graphics doesnt mean anything for example minecraft awesome game with bad graphics.

First, go learn something to contribute, like mapping, lua’ing or modeling, and we will talk further.


Nice one !

Ahhh RuneScape was the shit back in year 6… How things have very changed…

Ahahaha, another ideas guy thread?

This will be good.

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Wouldnt be bad if you actually make it good. Otherwise no.

So many models

This would be a bitch to code