Runing lua on half life 2

is it possible?
i heard it was but never found a site that showed it
im just wondering if it is possible to run lua on half life 2

I’d assume you’d need to implement it, because hl2 doesn’t come stock with it.

Yea. Use this tool.

i do have gmod but i ment just for half life 2 like in a mod

i know thats y im trying to find a way to get it on half life 2

He’s saying that Garry’s mod is Lua for HL2.

Launch Garry’s Mod, start any HL2 map… you’ve got Lua in HL2.

well yea i understand that but the hole point is because im trying to make a mod that runs on lua

i was under the impression it was more like Lua runnning on the mod
Anyway it’s super easy to run lua on hl2

really how is it done?

make gmod

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well it seems that almost no one on this site is any help



When in doubt, quote foszor.

i never said no one on this site is any help
i said almost no one is any help

wow im getting tolled just cuz i asked a question
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Asking this question is like asking for the schematics for an airplane so you can build it while at the same time never having built anything more complicated than a wooden box

Or trying to run Lua in HL2 without Gmod.

but saying this to him is having no effect so I had to use something else

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