Runner running for helicopter whilst under fire, she's also out of ammo

I say she’s pretty screwed, don’t you think?

especially since she’s about to be beaten the shit out of as soon as she gets on the chopper, yeah

nice pic but Seem to she’s pose a few tense ( i mean face pose , but nice editing)

The way she’s holding the gun looks really weird.

I think she is throwing it away. Zerax, that’s a nice picture.

-snip- ( i sent wrong message)

Just edit your post to -snip-

Doesn’t really look like she is sprinting or running to the helicopter to be honest, looks more like a light jog.

Thanks for the comments, guys.

Shes dropping the gun in such a lazy way.

Running pose can be improved. Also the blur on her is weird. Everything else looks good. Is she dropping the gun? She isn’t holding it.

The helicopter doesn’t really fit the environment, it’s too “used”.
Nice posing though

I like the posing on the crouching guy that’s firing, what model is that?

It’s Mirrors Edge cops