Runners [WIP]

You want to play Mirror’s Edge but you don’t have money?!
Team-Machinez Presents:


Leader of this Project

-Eric95 (need ur steamname…)
-chill_dude (need ur steamname…)

Lua Coders
-Downsider (need ur steamname…)

Model Maker/Materials Maker
-Kain (Thx lot :P)

-swampie (need ur steamname…)

-Base of the Gamemode finished!

-Hand Models
-Some Models
-Server(You want to Sponsor us a Server? We can show advertisements on our Website!)

**Contact me -> **

Our Website url will be or
I’m already working on the new design of the Website, working on the Maps and Gamemode…

A lot of work…Want to Help? Join us!


Well that’s great. What is it?

I’d be happy to do some mapping, I’m kind of a beginner but I would really like to get some mapping done.

I can help code if you’d like.

I hope this turns out better than the other parkour game mode.

Haha I laughed when I saw:


If you are good in coding it would be nice when you can help us :smiley:

I’d love to help out…

i will post some screenshots in few minutes ;D

€: Pictures added

Wow! Those screenshots look amazing. Are all of those functions already implemented?

Finally someone fucking has some credibility around here with a Mirrors Edge mod, a banner/screenshots and possibly a working script? You sir are winner

I can map if you want, ive played mirrors edge and i know the map style.

But will there be special entities or something?

I love how you demonstrated everything.

Yes, I might make a map, but before I do it I have to know, do the ziplines have any special entities? How are they made?


What is with all the Mirror’s Edge gamemodes.


I thought i was on this team?

I asked you on my thread if i could join for stuff!

I could host a server if needed to!

** Edit! **

I can and map to!

yaya stay cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Lua Coders
-Downsider (need ur steamname…)

-swampie (need ur steamname…)

Eric95 and Chill_dude please send me your steamnames…

Btw Gamemode already updated :smiley:

My steam name is Swampie and my avitar is a tank from L4D if you need that

i’m pretty good at mapping i guess, if you need me pm for my steam name.

i wouldn’t normally sign up for this stuff, just would really like to see a Mirrors edge type thing.

(the link is just all i can find on fp atm)