"Runnin' on fumes. Maverick is RTB" - A pair of Tomcats after an offensive patrol

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Original: http://filesmelt.com/downloader/gm_flatgrass200800002.jpg

The background editing looks nice.

Running on fumes? Shit, where have I heard that?! Anyway nice pic as always Chesty cookies for you!! And artistics!


there afterburners look abit weird


What the hell, dude.


Still cool though, have a paint, mate!

Agreed with R777 and Shotup.

Afterburners do look weird. But liked it nevertheless. The pilots are there and everything. Have a palette.

I’m glad you removed the wheels. :v:

Smoke looks nice, but yeah, the afterburners are either too dull, or just… I have no idea.

Agreed, I simply hate planes with wheels. And chesty, there is always the HAWX planes. It has quite a few planes without wheels.

And nice work!

Highwaaaay to the DANGER ZONE

Nice editing.

‘Maverick’ is itching for a ditching if he keeps using his afterburners while running low on fuel.

He is too badass to give a shit.

The after burners are just a little bit to blue, maybe adding a little orange? I think it’s amazing and better then anything I could ever do, simply awesome.

I like it. Very nice Chesty.

Don’t those planes come in a higher res? Seriously, the one closest to the camera almost looks ass ugly. Is Anti aliasing all the way either? like, x16 QSAA?

Ya I like but, I also agree with bud, the models are a bit low res. Did a good job of matching the planes shading with the background.

I <3 F14s so these terrible models had to suffice.

Thanks for the comments, everyone.

Good job. But seriously, the afterburns.

Whistles Highway to the Dangerzone.

Smoke is awesome, background is awesome too, but I cant say the same for the plane models tho, and it looks like the pics quality got fucked up somewhere or you didnt got the graphs on high… which I doubt.