Running a TTT Server

I recently made my own TTT server using the SteamCMD tool. I play on it with my friends and sometimes other people join and rdm a lot. We want other people on the server, but we haven’t figured out how to ban people or how to use any commands, or even how to use the rcon password to become an admin. We also want to make it so that we can make ourselves traitors (occasionally, not all the time). Also, whenever the map cycles it just stays on the same map. I have other maps downloaded and installed but it never switches to them. If somebody could teach me all about the rcon and the commands that would be greatly appreciated and if there is a way to fix the map thing could someone please let me know how to?


Lets see,
About the RCON password, to use it you can either type “rcon_password (password)” in the console, which will then let you do server-side commands by using the “rcon (command)” (lets say, “rcon kick xXxperson51xXx”)
Though I personally use a software named HLSW, it’s somewhat outdated, but helps a lot in managing servers, you can save the rcon on it, and you can do commands more easily.

To make yourselves admin, you need to go to the servers settings folder and open users.txt, in here you need to add your own SteamID under the “superadmin” area, you can find out your ID through some webpages, or typing “status” in console while on a server.
A restart will be required for this to take affect.
You may also use external admin addons, such as ULX.

I’m personally not aware of a way to make someone a traitor, but I imagine there’s addons that can make that happen.
Your map cycle issue sounds a bit odd, and I’m sadly not all that sure on how TTT handles mapcycles.

I hope this helps, sorry that I couldn’t answer some of your issues.

Get ULX.
There is also an addon to ULX with commandos for making people traitors.
Remember to use it with responsibility. Everyone hates admin abuse.