running around spearing people is what this game has turned into

I spent a good few weeks building level 6 bases and having them broken into when i log off… the only rewarding thing in this game I can do right now is chopping wood for a few mins, crafting a spear and spearing every sad fuck I come across. and then throwing all the loot away!

A word to the wise: log in and play Rust Experimental about once a week, just to see what changes have taken place and try them out. Build a little, run around and pick a few fights, then log off. There isn’t enough content in the build to warrant doing the same things over and over again, and you’re not really testing anything that hasn’t been tested tens of thousands of times already… except your probably already limited patience. If 5% of the people who own Rust log in 1 hour a week to do some testing, I’m sure FP would be thrilled.

But for a storied few, most people who play Rust Experimental every day end up ranting at no one in particular on message boards.

Right. Yeah, I watched a Rust Legacy raiding video earlier today and looked like they were having a good time: had to recon the area, watched a couple of Newmans duke it out without getting involved, gathered resources for C4, blew the wall, one guy covered while the rest raided. Booked it after.

Could see that being a lot of fun (team PvP, raiders vs. safe houses) in Experimental once they get the play balance sorted out.

I made a thread identical to this one. In which I stated this would be the outcome of the new building system.

The Devs are updating it frequently, but it just still doesn’t feel “Rusty”. Ill tell ya when I get that feeling back.

I had to laugh at the original post. Was on Saturday night and wandering around in the arctic region just looking at everything. Way up in a snowy valley I stumbled across someone sleeping out in the open. I checked his loot and he only had a rock. I decided to leave him some cooked meat and pants for when he woke up. Feeling good about myself I kept going and discovered another sleeping body down by the northern coast. I was about to do a similar favour for him when i spotted a rocky outcrop nearby and thought I could try building there. As soon as this thought entered my head I realised I couldn’t risk this dude waking up and clobbering me from behind so…

chop chop

Really? I find it’s mostly the people who don’t play every day that rant in the forums… The regular players know the game, are aware of the current bugs and issues, what is currently being re-modeled or worked on, etc.

Everyday I see posts which basically say “I tried the new experimental version for 5 mins and didn’t like it, therefore I am throwing all of my toys out of the cot and boycotting FacePunch until Garry does it my way!”

These posts aren’t coming from the every day players…

I’m with Murdo. That’s all I’m doing at the moment. Mostly just playing an hour or two every week.

Quite true, although you’ve also got the non-players with 1300 forum posts and only 200 hours played; I’m not sure it gets any sadlier than a nangler just sitting on a forum hollywooding to belittle those even with genuine gripes or feedback, when they’ve barely even played the game they’re so fond of talking about. The sort of person where you almost think someone should talk to their boss just to get them to take appropriate actions at their job instead of spending all their time molesting, you know, forums.

Speaking of 5 minutes of play, I didn’t even get that far on the last dev branch update. 2 minutes in and I had some sort of motion sickness which I’ve never experienced before. Had to stop playing immediately. Hoping it doesn’t make it to main or I won’t be able to play again. A shame. ‘Legacy’ Rust is in the top 3 best games of all-time for me.

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Like I said in another thread, until there’s a clear roadmap as to what Rust Experimental is going to be, you’ll be getting questions.

And since there’s no real pruning or merging of similar threads in here, you’re going to see a lot of redundant questions on top of that (followed by canned “it’s alpha shut up” responses :suicide:)

actually, fuck playing dumb. you want my attention, you have it.

do we have a problem here? y’know, what with you cryptically posting my last name and workplace, and using a chunk of a picture of me with an old phone number as your profile pic?

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Letting the biggest troll forum right next to 4chan know that he has a picture of you, your last name and workplace in his avatar. Now your going to get attention.

he knows he has them, or he wouldn’t make such pointed comments referring to me. i’m not scared of some newfag who thinks he’s a hero because he learnt to DOXX; he’s a coward if he has to rely upon such pathetic veiled threats, and an imbecile if he thinks my opinions change based on whether someone knows my real name or not.

as for the rest of the forum, i trust that the majority of them aren’t that pathetic.

I honestly do not understand why the game needs a specific goal. Once folks figure out it is more sim than run&gun, that PVP is going to be there for survival, not “I am the winner”, and all that immature battle rot, then the game can settle into factions and communities that can handle long term without wiping.

As it is now, the only thing folks can do is fight each other which leads to bad blood and trolling. Kids even think it is hilarious to grief a home and wall someone in while calling names and being racist over the microphone. To me however, griefiing is the same as whining. “Oh I cannot be bothered to put in the effort to get in your level 6 house, I will grief it instead.”

I would say (from the dept. of pulling numbers out of your ass) that 90% log on, grab a spear, and start killing rather than take the time to farm a bit and build or fortify. Vacant laughter is all one hears as they crow about their “kills”. Or raiding a house, (person asleep, level one no challenge)

I agree with this dude i had one guy who spend the whole night walling up my home blockinf every door on the outside and making a barrier around my house his reason was: he didnt like the new build system… But he wall up my house because it was fuj building it when he started seriously like wtf people need to try first before they go on a bored rampage xD (btw didnt mind that much though just upgraded every wall and foundation he put down and made it a extra portection xD)

Organized, factional warfare would be awesome. Just as in real human evolution, we have to get out of caveman mode, drop the spears, then work together to kill each other. Its a lot more fun that way. Especially if your enemy has some intricate, well-defended base and you blast in there, kill everyone, take their stuff, and burn their village to the ground. Just to have your raiding party assaulted by a pack of wolves and your enemy’s returning hunting team on the way home. So everybody dies and the circle of life is complete. LOL.