running bytecode/string.char help

hi facepunch so i wanted to know how i could run this “\72\105\70\97\99\101\112\117\110\99\104” , i know you can run this with string.char but i think it looks too messy. i thought you run it maybe by putting _G infront or something but that didnt work-
if i do something like

local lol = "\72\105\70\97\99\101\112\117\110\99\104" print(lol)

it would print out “HiFacepunch”. do i need to use string.sub or something?, i know this question might be confusing but i think someone will understand it

NOTE: also i dont know if “bytecode” is the right term for this

The code you posted runs correctly, and if I understand correctly, you want to run code in this format, in which case use

RunString. There’s no point in doing it like this though.

thanks :smiley: