Running DarkRP in singleplayer

I got Fptje’s DarkRP from the wiki that he has, and I have tried to run it. I put it in the right folder, but when I join the map there is no HUD etc… I feel like a noob!

Are you unable to run gamemodes in Sp? I have been told otherwise by a few people.

The gamemode should work in Single player, but I wouldn’t count on it. I suggest starting a listen server, you may have better luck. Also, double check that you’ve copied over all the content to your own Garrysmod folders, and that you changed the default gamemode within Gmod itself.

Use the github version too.

Also, DarkRP will be no fun on your own.

You can run game modes in simgle player ( most ) but many game modes meant for multiplayer are only helpful in single player for testing purpises