Running Evocity problems - Help

Hey what’s up guys I need support from people that are more experienced than me well let’s say I want to run Evocity v2 on my dedicated server right? I have it installed with everything needed. But when I join the server a all I see is texture errors and someone told me that I need half life 1 and 2 to fix those missing errors but here is that comes the question if I buy half life 1 and 2. Is the map going to be only loaded for people that have half life 1 and 2? Or all my players that join? Like that’s the question how can I make my players download the textures without them buying the game? Please help me.

You need Episode 2

Ik but what I’m asking is if I buy it how do I make my players download it and not buy it.

You can’t they would need to purchase it also. Having them download the textures for a game they don’t own would be pirating.

Then explain how I joined a darkrp server with Evocity and didnt have half life or any games not even css and was able to watch the textures?

I’m not saying it isn’t possible I am saying you shouldn’t do it. Plus no one here is going to help you do something that is illegal.

Who said I’m going to do it? It’s a question, I’m going to whitelist my server and make them apply and requirement will be hf episode 1 and 2.