Running FAdmin with ULX?

Hi there, I realise i’m going to get people saying “Don’t use Fadmin it’s shit” or “Don’t use ULX it’s far to old” I want to use both, because they both have great usages. I’d like to know how to run them alongside each other. Many people have told me it’s a long and tedious process but i’m up for it. Is there any tutorials on how to run them side by side? As I’ve already tried them out of the box they just don’t work and have groups conflicting. So is there anyway I can do this?

Iirc, someone said you can use them concurrently if you keep the rank names the same (caps too).

I’ll give it ago, however I’m sure i’ve tried this but ULX doesn’t recognise sometimes if you’re the certain rank or not or you somehow just loose the rank altogether?