Running from the Horde

Story (Because Why not)
A squad of three soldiers enter the dystopian underground of the city in search of refuges and survivors, but the mission goes horribly wrong. Swarms of infected flank the three of them, surrounding them from every angle. One of the soldiers was bitten just above the calf. In the intensity of the situation one of his fellow squad members removes the infected tissue and supports him up the entranceway out of the subway with supporting fire from the other. Will they make it?

Mh, let’s see… You need some work on those running poses and Dunn’s face, he looks kinda weird… One more thing that i’d like to point, is the amount of blood coming out from the zombie’s and the soldier aiming location, they don’t seem to be “equal”. But i see potential on you, just get some more job on the poses and done.

Let’s put it this way - All of the effects are bad. The posing is okay, but needs some work.

why leave so much empty space when there’s absolutely nothing to see around the characters? and zoom in with the camera ffs, that fish eye effect is irritating