Running hometown1999

As some people requested I am hosting a
hometown1999 server with darkrp.

Things I did to darkrp:

  • Removed PP protection - Prop protection is currently off but if people are starting to act gay i will be using the assmod one .
  • You can only buy Stunsticks, crowbars and tazors but at a high price. Gun labs now spawn crowbars
  • Cops dont spawn with glocks, deagles and doorams. The CP chief has a tazor.
  • Changed the viewmodel of the med_kit
  • Changed the police chief, medic, hobo and gangster model

I would like to know your opinion on what to add or change!

  • Removed the tazor due to bugs and simply added a pistol
  • Also playing hometown2000
  • Removed gravgun knockback

Spot the fail

What’s wrong with the ip?
Server is up right now

That’s your local IP, only people in your LAN can connect, no one else can

But around 4 people already joined the server and they didn’t have a problem


In the Internet tab i can see my server with this ip
and in the lan tab i see it with
Can someone tell me what is going on?

So is my external ip?


I told a admin (I think) that he needed to remove the knockback from the gravity gun for avoiding some killing and RDM and he sayed “lol no, that’s the point of RP, bad guys!”, I quitted immideatly and I don’t think Im going back…

That’s not what i said …
The point is that people know they will get arrested if they use the knockback in a bad way
Most minges who join the server use it like that
they get arrested 99% of the time and they don’t join back because they know they can’t minge
If you don’t get my point then just don’t join the server and don’t start making bad rep because of your bad reading

Ok I admit you were trying to say something else, from what I have seen in some servers, there are some minges that doesn’t give up that easily or they just don’t get arrested (I don’t think how in hometown since it’s a small map, in terms of hiding), but it will just give bad moments to the players (What happens to the victims of those attacks?..Also I don’t know any useful things to do with the gravity gun Knockback)

I would somehow reduce the speed and distance of the knockback… to maybe just an average throw as if you are throwing a can at someone. I hate having to use the phys gun “scroll and let go” just to rp me throwing a can at someone (Just an example) and it goes WAY to far and WAY to fast.

If you can do this than that would be great… gonna check out the server hope it’s good!

Well I’m currently taking Demon’s suggestion about removing the knockback but i cant find out how to unbind the mouse1 on the gravgun
Also having prop protection completely off is a pain in the ass because people move doors and windows
that’s why i disabled it .
So it is like
propprotection off OR physgun
What should I choose?

Physgun… cause people can add you as a buddy in PP