Running Into Errors Packing My Map, PLEASE HELP

Hi, I’m having a problem where my skybox texture is not packing into my map. I have sky_goldrush_01 set up in map properties under “SkyBox Texture Name”. I am using Vide as the packbspgui. When I pack everything with Vide, the .vmt files for the skybox are there but it it is buggy and streaks everything on the screen when I look at the sky. I have tried deleting the .vmt’s but then that makes all my props into errors. I have manually put both the skybox .vmt and .vtf into my map still makes my props into errors.

I have tried so many bspzipguis and none of them work very well besides Vide. Pakrat doesn’t get everything and corrupts my map. Packbsp and cannonfodder’s has not been able to work for me since steampipe. The one’s on the Developer Wiki don’t work for me either.

Has anyone run into a problem like this? I was told that I don’t need to add the skybox to the pack, because it should already be built into the map unless it is a custom skybox texture, which it isn’t. Also, when I manually add sky_goldrush_01 I go to materials/skybox. Is that the wrong filepath perhaps? Also note it’s not a link, load pointfile goes to nothing and interlopers has no issues in my compile log. I’ve been trying to figure this out for 2 days using packrat and then vide. I’m really in need of help here. Please help