Running L4D survivors

Pretty good posing, the blur on the Tank looks a bit unnatural.

The posing looks really fucking wierd on all of them.

That motion blur seems like an attempt at comedy.

Pretty sure the Tanks weight would make it quite impossible to run like that.
Work on the posing a bit more.

Unless if you were going for a funnsey pic, in which case the Tank can run however he wants!

i know about blur XD

Bill is running on the wrong direction.

He’s near the speed of light.

Humans have the posibilities to walk backwards.



Yeah, but not in that position.

If your so confident you should give it a try and see how you end up :slight_smile:

Tank is doing his impression of Jesse Owens. Pose is a bit award, but not bad at all. I like it. Has a comical streak over it. Have artistic.

I liked the way how tank run :slight_smile: Have a funny.

Lol the posing is pure win

Camera angle leaves so much wasted space.

I love the way the tank is running, more human like than usual

Bill is running backward XD

EDIT: I’m not professional at editing about the blur on the tank

The whole idea of the Tank is impossible, so I think we can give room for some free interpretations:)

Sonic tank XD

When i saw this picture, this song came to my mind. :buddy:


Holy crap… Before I looked at this picture my phone went off and my ringtone is yakety sax.
Btw… Tank runs of using his fists to hop but this is just funny.