running like slow and walking even slower.

This is a very odd thing that happened to me.

I wanted to shop around garrysmod for addons and install em into my folder.

So after rummaging around for some good ones, since me comp can handle more then my labtop.

…However…as soon as i start a map…im slow as heck…

And walking like a snail…as heck.

To top it off. when i shift and run faster, i go a bit faster then normal.

Something is “NOT” right…either a addon did it or it did not load right.

Its ticking me off…

any suggestions?

One thing i notice is instead of a good healthy normal jump… i make a weak hop. Im gonna look into the gravity…

It may not be it, but lets see.

Again-- any suggestions?

And No, It is not slow-mo, Everything else is moving normally…

Even my firing speed, props and such.

Im just moving slowly and even slower as i walk… and my jumps are weak.


Well the jumping problem is solved…

SV_gravity keeps kicking up to 1200 instead of remaining at the default of 600.

Still need help with normal and walking speed.

EDIT2: Usually when i die, or kill my self-- my Body loftily flies a bit in the air before descending… but just as i die-- My rag doll immediately plummets and all its appendages just press against the ground.

Im wondering if i downloaded to something meant to jip people… V_v;

Figure out which addons you installed, then move them out of your GMod/GMod/addons directory, to a temporally place.
Then add them 1 by 1, to check which one causes the problem.

Too many to do such a thing. I’ll just get impatient ^_^;

…Hm… Works since i got alot more addons on my labtop. Im moving normally on the labtop. I think ill clear out the garrysmod on the good comp and copy paste my folder on over :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you.


Thanks. ^_^;

We have emoticons for a reason. :sweatdrop:

I know ^_^;

Im old fashion. anyway this is a help thread lad/lassy.

Have any indication as to what went wrong? :slight_smile:

Reinstall, clear out steamapps/xemgoa/garrysmod/, validate.

Thank’s :smiley:

I will but: delete it all and add the file from my labtop which has more but is stable. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mind helping me on this post?

See if you can have any good lua makers try these ideas…