Running low FPS while having a fine computer?

I’ve had Garry’s Mod for a long time, but my FPS has always been shit. I’m playing with around 30, sometimes dropping to 20 with the lowest settings, and I have no clue why it happens.
I’ve searched around and haven’t solved it yet, so I guess the best place to ask is here.

My PC Specs:
Windows 8.1

I have a integrated Intel Core i7-4500U CPU 1.8 GHz
and then I have a NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M

I have 8 GB RAM

Is there anything I’m missing or am I just stupid?

A great performance boost is cl_forcepreload 1. Second of all, Turn off Vsync, as it usually locks the framerate and can be a heavy load for all systems.

I did the cl_forcepreload 1, and the Vsync is disabled. But shouldn’t I be able to run GMod if I put all the settings where the * shows? Because currently my settings are lowest.

Does this happen to every single server you play on? Have you tried single player? It could be the server you’re on. Horribly optimized server with shit loads of unnecessary and buggy plugins could easily decrease your fps.

If you want to go more in depth, check your GPU and CPU temperatures while playing GMOD. HWmonitor is a great program for checking your computer temps

If all fails, i guess you could try reinstalling your nvidia drivers.

It’s not AS bad on like Sandbox but most RP’s and TTT’s fuck my fps.

I’ll try checking the temperature and Ill reinstall the nvidia drivers.

Thanks for your help!

Is that a laptop?

Make sure your power plan selected is “High Performance” and that GMod uses the correct video card ( via NVidia control panel )

Whats the result?

I have been working a lot, so haven’t had time checking on here that much, but the temperature is fine, and I reinstalled the drivers but it’s the same.

For Robotboy: Yes, it’s a laptop, and it’s using the right video card and the power plan is selected to High Performance.

I am pretty sure it does not use the correct video card. I have a laptop with 850M, I know the difference.

Do you have something to cool down your laptop? My old laptop worked alot better when I had a cooling fan for my laptop since it overheated like crazy. Your laptop is bound to not perform well under high temperatures.

Instead of a cooling fan you should clear the thing from dust.

Update graphics card drivers?

For it’s worth Garry’s Mod is a framerate whore particularly on RP and TT servers where people are building detailed setups and the maps have poor optimisation.

Remove all your workshop items and repair your game through steam. unsub to all the workshop items you don’t need. I have had this issue before and its usually caused by a corrupted file.

This sets the video card, right?

I have a cooling fan, but it was like this when I got the computer (I have also cleaned the fan as Robotboy suggested).

I don’t have any workshop items, and it was like this when I got the computer.

That picture link is 502. Use proper image host like

here you go,

Go to program settings, find Garry’s Mod ( hl2.exe ) and then change the GPU to be used.

Still terrible FPS. Is it possible that windowed mode decreases FPS a lot?

Some lower graphic settings CAN cause low FPS where-as higher quality doesn’t. Shadows are one of the highest consumer of FPS. AA, etc also helps.

Feel free to try out my settings: