Running multiple Garrysmod Dedicated servers from the same installation.

I’m currently working on a gamemode from the ground up, and one of the key features I’m setting up for it is support for a wide array of usable maps. The gamemode is currently in it’s basic stages and uses a MySQL Database for all persistent data. My original idea was to setup multiple Garrysmod installations and point them all to the global content with mounting and set them up to automatically update from a github to keep all of the code in sync, but on a whim I tried launching two seperate servers from the same game installation on different maps, ports, and hostnames and both servers appeared to be running smoothly without any issues.

Does anyone know if this is a viable thing to do? I imagine it would be much easier to maintain one installation as opposed to five or six. Thank you.

You might want to set parameters like +map and +hostname inside the running script

I’ve done it before and it works fine.

Just make sure you’re not writing to any of the same files and it should be OK (in the case that you’re using different gamemodes, or writing a file in the same gamemode).

Also, assuming that the data in your database is specific to a given player, it would be fine to share the DB too, since the player only accesses their data via one server at a time.