Running Multiple Gmod Servers,

Hey guys my name is Syn pronounced like Sin and I own 5 servers atm from DarkRP to serious LifeRP beta 0.2. I have been doing this for a while even though I am new to facepunch and I need help with something that is pretty important to me. These 5 servers I have cant run all at the same time while showing on on the gmod internet server list. I need someone to help me by telling me what I need to do. All my servers are ran on the same system and router. I will be very happy if you could tell me how to get this working.

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Well, same system and router might not be the best idea. Are you home hosting or have a company? How are the computer specs for the servers being hosted on? Tell me this and I’ll try to help you the best I can.

Is it a dedi?

The computer has 32gb of ram and a 5930k

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i have a 5930k, 32gb of corsair dominator ddr4 ram, a titan x, samsung 950 pro m.2 ssd and 2 samsung 850 pros inn raid 0, Intel Quad Port Gigabit Network Card, and a asus x99 pro motherboard.

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So do you guys think you could help me I am taking this gmod server very serious.

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So do you guys think you could help me?

If you are running a big gmod community with all these servers then why wont you place your computer at a datacenter. I mean those specs are overkill and ur bottlenecking the system with your wifi. Im pretty sure your problem is just your internet

What is your player base like and what servers are you running. Is it a lot of people every night? I might be able to help you out just need to know that info

My internet will run it fine I just need help with the ports so everything will work properly running multiple servers on one computer

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I have around 30 people every night the more the less.

So are you only running 1 server at a time?

Yes at the moment because I dont know how to setup the ports to have multiple servers running on one system.

Pretty overkill build, it can run all these servers since it’s a dedi. Now, if you want your servers to show at the top you don’t want to rename any gamemode that is darkrp in the sense like changing the name of darkrp to deathrp or something that will put your gamemode on the bottom, for others make sure your servers are connected good with the Internet and have a decent ping for them, this should boost them up a bit to the top, other than that the gmod server browser is shit so I will look into more ways.

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I found some things on this, and these should show you how to do it.

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But my problem is when i have multiple servers up i have port problems and need to know what ports i should use for servers 1-5

This thread looks like a schizophrenic to me. 3 accounts all on android, one with 3 posts and one with 7. Idk sus af to me.

Anyways, to answer your question, make sure your port is different on each of your server and that each of your ports are forwarded properly. What router do you have?

Honestly, if you can’t solve simple port forwarding issues, you probably have very minimal knowledge of network administration; which means that you shouldn’t be running “5 servers” out of your own home because when you get hit with a very large DDoS attack, you’re not gonna know how to deal with it.

Consider renting a dedi in a DC.