Running Mysql-Based addons/gamemodes w/ host provider

Okay so I currently have two test servers(one on ukgame and one on xenon). When i run srcds.exe on my computer with all the proper dlls, it works. However, when I run it on the other servers it doesnt work.

Current Modules:


For some reason, this works on my local dedi server, however it isn’t working on the test servers. The servers are equipped with the supplied modules. The only thing I can think of is my webhost isn’t accepting their connection, however that shouldn’t matter because i added their IPs to the remote mysql database list.

Current Problem:
The connection is being refused to my webhosts ip.

Any suggestions/advice?

You probably need to allow the primary IPs of the boxes. If you open a ticket with your hosts, they will be able to provide you with it.