Running on Empty - Canal Chase Preview (?)

So I moved to Western Australia for a while. I didn’t bring anything with me other than some clothes and a deck of cards. I recently got a laptop and managed to get gmod working again. So here I am…

I don’t have Photoshop anymore, so sorry if the image is annoyingly large for some of you. All this computer came with was MS Paint and I don’t feel like bothering with it, haha!

The internet isn’t as cheap here as it is back home, so my only real “gaming” options are single player Half-Life and finishing my comic based on it. I’ll be posing the next episode until I reacquire Photoshop. Once that’s done, I guess I’ll be posting that comic and others again every now and then to kill some time.

Anywaste, see you around!

Sucks to hear all that, but it’s good to see you making comics and having fun again!

Oh man, why haven’t you told me any of this.

Still, good to see you back.

Why the hell would you move to WA :psyduck:

I’m from Baltimore and hate the cold. WA is like a paradise compared to back home. The sun sets on the beaches and the water is always warm.

WA is a shithole though, there is nothing of interest other than the SAS in the entire state. Come to NSW, it’s also a shithole but less of one.

Also you’re fucking insane if you’d ditch the cold for our climate, I’ve lived here for the last 14 years and still wish I was back in Canada. At least you can dress up in the cold, once it hits 50 celcius and the air con breaks and it’s at like 98% humidity all you want to do is tear your skin off in the hopes that’ll cool you down. :barf:

Cool picture though.

I think I’m actually moving to Melbourne sometime after I go home and get my visa renewed :wink: