Running on Empty - Episode 4 - Detour

Hello! It has been a long time since I posted a comic, so I’ll just link the whole series if you need to catch up with the story or whatever.

Ok I got in to this comic. Looking forward to the next installment. Dialog works well. Nice job.

I hadn’t read the other episodes until now, and when I started reading the ep. one…

WTF, a vort that speaks finnish?!

Wow, pretty good series, dialogue is good.



Is elvis with you too?

Nostalgia attack.

Popwar, good as always.

Wonder who reanimated you.

I’ve been wondering when the fourth one would come out, reading it right now.

Thanks everyone! I’m already working on the next episode, so hopefully it won’t take another six months to release an episode…

Haha, most readers don’t ever notice that! That was just my nod to how difficult of a language Vortigese is! The character is also based on an old Finnish comic making buddy of mine (John-Matrix). But yeah, I thought it’d be fun to spice up any Vortigaunt dialogue scenes by having it actually mean something rather than just type in random letters. I usually like to “hide” other things like that in my comics whenever I can. If you keep an eye out you might find more.

Also, vortigaunts are awesome. I wish people used them in comics more often.

I’m still alive! I usually just lurk around on the skins/models forum now though…

I’m going to try to say something different every time I see this comic on a different forum.

Here, I’ll say that this comic is one of the best benchmarks for good ‘HL2 event parallel’ comics. Excellent read. Again.

I personally love this comic. It’s one of the most differentiated comics related to the Half-Life 2 universe I have seen. I look forward to the rest, and hopefully a complete series.

This is great. Keep it up.

And I thought you were dead.

I thought this comic was one about just getting out of city 17 and nothing else but this was better than i thought, all my Artistic rating are belong to you.

Popwarbunny has came back to save the comic section , yay.

Can’t wait for more


I put off reading this for awhile, and I’m ashamed I did so.

Well done!

Thanks :wink:

Haha, actually in the case of the main character, it often ends up being that he’s stuck in the City due to a lack of any better options. And most of the characters he has met thus far seem more interested in going back into City more than anything.

Unlike the HL2RP related stories I’ve read, I try to ignore the fact that its called City 17 and don’t try to give the impression that there is a City 16 or City 18 just down the road unless the game itself eventually does. The feeling I get from the original HL2 game is that City 17 is the “main” city of the combine and there really isn’t much of a surrounding area other than wild lands filled with antlions and other creatures from Xen finding their place in our ecosystem.

Sure there’s pockets of rebel activity, like New Little Odessa, but as shown in the comic, you have to deal with stuff like Combine planning against you. I actually took that scenario straight from the game. When you go up to that same house in Episode 2 of this series, the Combine are already there and you can look through their equipment to see a clear view of Odessa’s camp (and a rather infamous G-Man sighting).

I’d say that most people, other than those heavily involved with the resistance, really wouldn’t see the benefit of running away from City 17 to go live in some camp that is prone to constant attacks from Combine raids and the local wildlife. I’d imagine that if you stayed low in the City, it’d be far easier to steal supplies and live like a rat than out in the wilds and compete against monsters that seem to be doing very well for themselves on our planet.