Running on Empty - Episode 5 - Outskirts

Hello again! As usual, its been many months since the last time I’ve posted anything RoE related, so here’s the entire series list for you guys to catch up on the story if needed:



I thought this was dead.

I want a pet Antlion that meows. :frowning:

That headcrab is so cute O.O


Holy fuck it’s you.

Well that was refreshing.

Well I’ll be damned.

I still remember that old Popwar quote, “I make comics with a video game!” Well, they’re damn fine comics, and they still are.

I want to consider Running On Empty the classic GMod comic, spanning several versions of Gmod, yet still retaining the awesome story and humor. Even if there are schedule slips, somebody has to show the newer comic makers how it’s done right, right?

Keep up the awesome work, Bunnyman.



I’m Starstruck

A good setup episode, now finish the series so you soul can finally be put to rest.

How I missed your comics, this is the best Half Life 2 Comic I’ve ever read.

That is so great. Like the other ones. :slight_smile:


Feels nice to actually read a decent comic that isn’t an interactive and the comic-maker actually took his time to work on it.

I really like it, we need more of these.

These are the fucking greatest comics ever. Great job sir. :golfclap:

Thanks guys. I’ll get to work on the next one probably after this weekend. As LT said, this was another “setup” episode. Now the real fun begins as the rest of the series will be set in C17, so expect way more stuff actually happening.

Popwar, this seems like a pretty good place to tell you you were always a sort of inspiration to me.

Bro hugs.

Fuck yes.