Running out of options here... =(

First and foremost, I know, I need a PC of my own (I play rust at a cyber-café type setup) that being said, since two or three patches back the center can’t run rust. We’ve encountered all sorts of issues but what really “broke” it as far as not even being able to load into a server now was the most recent one. The issue that comes up is
“Disconnected: Integrity Error: Unknown File Version: rustclient.exe” And I could really use some help here…
We’ve tried doing an entire uninstall and removal/wipe of the steam rust folder in steamapps. We’ve tried verifying the cache… we’ve checked to make sure there’s space on the disk… I’m at wit’s end. I love this game, and until I can afford a computer this is what I’m stuck with.
Any ideas on how to resolve the problem? Thankfully the tech they have to run the gaming portion of the center is open to suggestions.

Edit The above was for trying to join (the 300 max pop server) Just tried joining FP Texas III and got an “Eac Unconnected Issue”

Had that issue last patch. Reinstalled and it fixed it.

I’ve tried that multiple times…same issue after each reinstall.

Check that the entirety of the rust folder is being deleted when you uninstall.

It’s possible that some files may be left behind which could be the cause of your error.

I completely remove all related rust files including deleting the entire folder from the steam folder after an uninstall.

If you have any sort of home PC at all, try installing Steam and Rust onto a 32 or 64 gig USB device instead, maybe that would help.

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