Running own Rust Servers

Do you think in time that Rust Team, would allow for people to run their own Rust Servers (Of course that the server would be VAC Secured as well)?

Do you think this would be a positive or negative, I would like to hear answers.

I wouldn’t like that

Great idea. I would like that.

I would like to know why you would not like that?

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Before I would say my opinions, what benefits would you see for running own Rust server.

I’m kinda expecting that we can host our own dedicated servers in the future.
I mean why not? There’s really no reasons to NOT let us host our own servers once the game is released.

I agree to this. Especially when it gets released on steam, perhaps a lot of the servers are going to be quite populated.

I’m a little confused. Every server out there right now is player run.

To run a server, you have to pay a monthly fee. (Prices vary on what you want).

What I am saying is that, perhaps some of us have our VPS that we pay for and let us run Rust Servers through our VPS as well.

Very dumb idea, there is enough servers as it is, we don’t want more we want less, have you not seen the threads asking for official servers to play rather than these private ones hosted by 10 year olds.

There are enough of us that have rigs 100x better than where the Rust servers are hosted on now.

Do you seriously not read English?


And also, it’s not about “rigs”, its more about the connection, which, I highly doubt you will top 1Gbps

Do you seriously not use your brains?

With these crappy hosters providing Rust servers, there will only be lots of lag and poor support.
When there’s 30+ people building a house/base, you already notice the lag due to the crappy server specifications.
If there’s something wrong with the server, you have to wait hours for them to fix it.
Sometimes you can’t even restart/start/stop the server because THEY have connection issues.

As for my connection; Don’t talk about stuff you don’t know about.

Hosting our own servers on our own PC? Hmm, I don’t see anything wrong with that. I would be able to play with just my friends and that would be it. Dedicated servers would serve the purpose of running 24/7 and holding more players. Not everyone will have a extremely powerful PC with a connection that could support 100 slots…so a server on a PC would be good for a low number of slots, as I said, for friends basically.

Please no… Stop giving more idea on how to host more servers. I only want like max 10 servers :. Then GRADUALLY expand, not give complete freedom to the public to host whatever they want.

Most games allow the freedom though. I say it should have a fair chance upon steam release.

VAC Secured? I might be wrong but doesn’t that only extend to Sauce-based games? Rust runs on Unity3D. Otherwise running our own servers would be amazing.

It is available for a large variety of games on Steam. The technology is owned by Valve, however, who produced the Source Engine.

Ah yes just found that out. Thanks for the info.

Bad idea. than comes more admin abuser.
I wouldn’t like that.

I think Rust has alot of potential… but, think they need Official Servers and dedicated GMs. That is the best way to get a large player base and eliminate at least some of the cheating and admin abuse that always happens with games like this that use player run servers.