Running Rust?

Can anyone let me know if these computers can run rust smoothly and what sort of fps I will be getting and will I have to run it on min settings?


With the PC in the first link you should be able to play on medium settings with 60 fps @ 1080p, and the second link is pretty much the same but slightly slower, given a choice of the two I would go with the first one.

Also I’d just like to add if you’re confident enough to build your own PC or know someone that can do it for you I would definitely suggest making a custom build, you save a lot of money buying all the parts separately and for the same price you would probably end up with a far better computer should you choose to go down that road.

Would you be able to recommend some of the parts I should but but I would get for a cheaper build?
I’m going to a computer fair tomorro and was hoping to pick on up there and then, any chance u can give me a list of all the parts I would need, if it’s too long to do Ill understand,

If you can do it what sort of processors graphics and motherboard because apparently it has to have a certain motherboard and all this, as you can tell I’m not clued up 100% about computer components and what parts go with what

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I really want to get an iMac but I want to be able to play rust, I’m currently playing on laptop witch is unplayable really even on the lowest settings, dose anyone know if any of the 2016 version iMac any good?

No. If you want to play modern games, don’t ever buy a Mac.

The first one should do just fine. I run an almost identical build with around 75 fps @ 1080p with minor graphic adjustments. The second one is an overpriced piece of shit.

Don’t use and amd processor. 4th gen i5 + 970 should do just fine on almost all modern games. Upgrade the processor/graphics if you’ve got extra.

I run with an i5 2500k which is just slightly slower than the i5 4460 in your first link.
My GPU is a gtx 970 4gb and i have 8gb of ram. i can run Rust maxed out no issues, so you should be ok with your 1st choice. But saying that ive had this setup for some time and am looking to upgrade. This would be the minimum spec id go in at for Rust. But if you want to future proof id save my money and go for something a little better.

You’s two both realise that the first link has a 960 not a 970 right? And there’s a huge perfermance difference between the two.

I would recommend building your own. You don’t JUST save money building it yourself, but also you will love it more. Now, when it comes to Hardware theres alot of choices. So, what’s your budget on? 600£?

This is something would recommend:
Just in the price range.
16GB DDR3 Memory
Intel Core I5
GTX 970 4GB
650W 80+Gold PSU
and blah blah…

I have a 960 and i5 4something and it runs just fine

By “just fine” do you mean max settings barely ever going below 60fps? Because I don’t think you did and I wouldn’t class anything less as “Just fine”. But that’s my own personal preferences.

I’m not sure on building my own computer I’ve not got much experience so wouldn’t know witch parts would go with what and all the over locking stuff ect, is the top one playable on rust on medium settings? And would I be able to upgrade the graphics in the future, I will only be useing it for rust not really a PC gamer so rust will mores less bee the only one,

I want to get an iMac but gamings not ideal so if I buy a gaming PC don’t wanna be spending alot on it as its only for rust?

“Only for rust” - Really? I can’t see why you only would be intrested in one game with that machine. But nvm…
About the not much experience. Well, It’s pretty easy. You can look up LinusTechTips On YT. And find a video about asembling the pc.
For the parts i already chose what hardware that would do just fine. But if you just wanna play Rust, then it’s up to you what to do.
I personally think it’s a little wierd to buy a gaming pc for rust. Again. It’s up to you

All you NEED to know is your CPU and motherboard have a socket type, these need to match for obvious reasons.

Other then that just make sure the motherboard has a PCIE 3.0 socket at 16x, at least 2-3 SATA 6gbs connectors (SATA Express is better, but not necessary at all). Your PSU is the most important component in your computer so don’t cheap out on it and make sure you get a good reliable one. and lastly make sure your graphics card will fit inside the case of course.

Never buy an AMD CPU.

You can get an AMD graphics card if you like, their graphics cards are fine just don’t buy an AMD CPU. I personally would never buy an AMD graphics card either, but that’s my personal preferences.

Side notes: Intel socket 1151 or Skylake is the latest and greatest line of CPUs, with your budget you would either have to get Skylake or Haswell. Haswell is Intel socket 1150 and is the predecessor to Skylake. Either one would be fine, Skylake is newer and slightly better, but Haswell is slightly cheaper due to being older.

For rust you would want a 970, and an i5 at 3ghz at the very least, this will allow you to play rust on max settings with at least 40fps. Should you choose to get an AMD graphics card for whatever reasons, a 390 is the AMD equivalent of a 970.

You do not need to know about overclocking, overclocking is mainly for enthusiast’s who like to get the absolute most out of their computers. With overclocking sometimes the performance gain will be that minimal it’s not even worth voiding your warranty so if you don’t know what you’re doing, I would advise against it.

Lastly, the first computer you linked should definitely be fine to play rust on medium settings with decent frames.

EDIT: One thing I forgot, your motherboard will have ram specifications, for example “4x DDR4 2400Mhz.” Which will mean you absolutely have to get DDR4 ram and the 2400mhz means it supports up to 2400mhz, anything less like 2133mhz will still work fine. The 4 just means it can support a quad channel kit, but your better off getting a dual channel kit unless you’re planning on buying 32gb-64gb ram, which is unnecessary, you should never need more then 16, and 8 will be just fine.

Thank you very much for the help mate appreciate all the effort

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can u recommend any motherboards and computer cases that would fit the motherboard u mention and the GTx 970?

Honestly there are hundreds of motherboards out there in all different brands, it would be very hard to recommend one in particular without spending hours looking at them, but I will recommend you specific brands, ASUS are crowned to have the absolute best and most reliable motherboards out there. My personal favourite brand for motherboards is Gigabyte, they’re very high quality and are just as reliable as ASUS. And lastly since you’re on a budget ASRock would do just fine, theyre not as good as ASUS or Gigabyte, but they are a lot cheaper.

As long as you make sure it has everything I mentioned in my last comment (including the edit I made) and it matches your ram and CPU you’ll be fine.

As for a case, a great case for a budget build is the Deepcool kendomen, it’s cheap, has great airflow with its 5 already installed fans, and has a lot of room and high expandability, plus it’s a really nice looking case.

One last thing, motherboards and cases have form factors, the kendomen for example supports ATX, MicroATX, and Mini-ITX. So you could choose any of the three, but the main form factor is ATX and you would have a huge range of ATX boards to choose from so I would definitely go with ATX.

That’s pretty much everything you’ll need to know, there’s a lot more to know but that’s all the important stuff.

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Feel free to add me on steam if you have any further questions, I don’t mind at all and will definitely answer them when I’m free.

What’s your steam name or do you wanna add me?

i would definetly recommend you the first one same price and will run **a lot ** better since that one has 16 GB Ram