Running server...need admin help please

Hey all,
So I finally figured out how to host a server, it runs well and me and my freinds can play on it…
The only problem is, what do I do now? I would like to make the server a build server, with the following rules:

-Cannot edit other people’s props
-Install wiremod into server (if recommended by you)
-Console greeting message (if thats even possibe)

How do I set those up (especially the edit prop one)
Any other useful basic commands too would be appreciated
Thank you so much in advance!

I can help you add me on steam and i will help ASSASSAIN56

I can make you a motd and give it to you

Well, add me no_feel93 I can do all of thoose things.

You will just need to download a couple of things, what kind of server is it rp, build?

I can make an interactive motd :stuck_out_tongue:

Obviously most people would be more than eager to help, i can imagine why. New servers always need admins.

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he will make it i was going to ask you anyway :smiley:

Download Ulx and Simple Prop Protection. thats all you need.


In addition to what you said:
Adv. Dupe
Smart Weld

you Don’t NEED them Vmod is usless, smartweld is buggy as fuck and Adv Dupe is going to make spaming your server way easyer.

Oh shutup, you are just trying to shape it into your ideal server.

(User was banned for this post ("Be nice. Don't tell other people to shut up." - Benji))

Adv dupe is good so people can save their stuff, it isn’t about spamming. Vmod is nice, good cars and such, and smart weld isn’t buggy at all.