Running Slow

Hey, my Gmod is running slow on single player and its also interferring with multiplayer. Ive already cleared the cashe, deleted unwanted and un-needed addons and maps and tried to set the graphics to allow better gameplay. Nothing is working. I need some other reasons to why my Gmod would run slow.

looks like i have the same issue

Post your PC specs.

OS: Windows Vista
RAM: 2GB of DDR2
Graphics: Nvidia GT-8500 Ge-Force Card
CPU: Intel Celeron 3.46GHz D
Virtual RAM: 2GB

System specs of my PC, NIC card shouldnt interfer so I left it out.

Windows vista eat a lot of memory, with gmod + vista … ouch!

I recommend you to have more RAM (before i had only 2GB of RAM (i had a lots of crashes and lags), i added more powerful of RAM and it run better (and i’m on windows XP!))

Its set to run in Windows XP SP2 compatability mode and I never had a problem with it on Vista. and the requirements for Gmod for RAM is 4x than the recommended.

That is your problem. Vista and Gmod run fine, we are not in 2007 anymore, so uncheck the compatibility mode.


Ram is never the answer. I ran Gmod with 1GB of Ram and a 9800GT and it played 90+ FPS in bigass mingewars (Spam) without lag.

Maybe giving the program administrative rights might help. I tried it with Crysis, it worked, to a point -_-. I had also removed some Source mods since someone on a server said that their PC ran faster afterwards. And LinuX has a point, plus I have 2GB or Virtual RAM(Had a transfer rate isusse that was cleared up afterwards). Maybe cuase of some files I had that screwed up my Gmod, like video helper that was to be with Source recorder on and some others.