Running straight into a trap.

Well, my graphic card has decided to fuck up hard… My AA is on full, however, due to my graphic card, this is the best graphics I can currently achieve…


Muzzleflash could use a lot of work, it lacks shape. But this is still good, great job Hairy!

Engineer is so badass that he breaks through the black bars. I like that. :v:

Heh thanks guys, tried doing something different for a change. More cinematic or wallpaper-ish.

Gonna try experimenting with shit for a while now.

Wrun demoman.

Awesome as always. I don’t really have anything to comment on in detail :downs:

I love it, reminds me of that loading screen in GTA IV.

Thanks you guys :slight_smile:

The leg is posed really poorly.

He’s supposed to run funny, unserious. Idk how to phrase it.

Comically, not realistically.

Looks great man.

Thread title deceived me into thinking of another kind of trap…

He might want to check the rifling on those barrels :v: