Running swep

Hey guys.

I wish to request a “Running SWEP” a kind of mirrors edge style running. Like just the hands moving like they should and a shaking effect and punching? If anyone could do this, that’d be awesome :smiley:

I thought there already was one of these, wait a min Ill have a look for it

Really? I honestly didn’t know :open_mouth:

There might not be, still searching, but im pretty sure i saw something along the same lines

Ok thanks. Oh, and i have that shakeview. It’s good i guess. But i wish for a running effect like kitty0706 on youtube… watch his music one i think it’s called it’s something like that

sorry I can’t find anything but it doesn’t sound to hard to make (still way over my head though)

ok ty anyway

I’ve been trying to make something that mounts the camera inside your third person head (so your vision moves differently as you run, turn etc). is it.
Take a look.
Of course, you’ll need to animate it if you want to make it look a bit better (HL2DM anims really aren’t that good).
So it’s more an animator’s job. Where I come in >:)

Wizey made one a few days ago.

Blackops originally made the first one, you will have to try them both.

Yeah, but i don’t want that.