Running the banid console command.

lua_run game.ConsoleCommand("banid 60 STEAM_0:1:16678762")
> game.ConsoleCommand("banid 60 STEAM_0:1:16678762")...
Error, bad server command banid 60 STEAM_0:1:16678762
lua_run RunConsoleCommand("banid", 60, "STEAM_0:1:16678762")
> RunConsoleCommand("banid", 60, "STEAM_0:1:16678762")...
Can't ban users with ID "STEAM_0:1:16678762"

It works fine if I just type it into console, but obviously I can’t do that in an automated system.

[lua]game.ConsoleCommand("banid 60 STEAM_0:1:16678762

Ah, that works. Thanks.