Running the L4D2 Hammer for the OrangeBox

So I’ve been trying everything, even copying hammer.exe or the dlls over to the orange box bin folder but sourcesdk would still manage to launch the old orange box hammer… what the hell is going on… where does it find the stuff to launch it even if I remove everything related to the orange box?

Why do you want it in the orange box?

Shouldn’t you be using the L4D2 authoring tools?

Or am I missing something…?

Because it’s a lot better than the orange box one, and it gives us mappers many more possibilities.


The features don’t exist in the engine/compile tools for OB so it wouldn’t work.

What. Source and vvis, vbsp and vrad are still the same. The only thing that changes is hammer’s interface, but the matter is all the same.

Just the the fucking authorising tools man, OB is a piece of shit compared to L4D1 and 2’s engine…

Actually, shit’s changed.

No they aren’t. There’s a new VBSP engine, new lighting (Static props can supposedly self-shadow now), and they may have tweaked VIS.

Not really… L4D broke a lot of shit.

Vrad and Vvis are not the same, they were updated twice for L4D and on November 10th, 2009 for L4D2.

I could drag those off too

“drag those off too” ?

This thread is stupid. Seriously why OB? If you compile a map with the l4d2 tools it won’t work on any orangebox game anyway. Are you like trying to use the content from l4d2 in OB?

The same reason why you can’t use the OB hammer to make L4D2 maps, source engine versions don’t support other version maps.

No. To use the l4d hammer for ob so that i can use the new features

But most of the new hammer features are for things that don’t work in the other versions of the engine.

It’s technically a different engine. That’s like trying to compile a map in Crysis and hoping it’ll work for U3.

Here do this.

Put all the materials from the orangebox engine game you want to use into l4d2.

Load up l4d2 and use only the textures from that orangebox game. Make the map, then Move the .vmf over to the sourceSDK, load up the level in the orangebox hammer and compile it.

Won’t work. Instances, Multiple-Cordons (Maybe), Time of Day settings etc won’t have any effect or show up.


L4D(2) Engine Does not equal OB ENGINE, It’s like trying to pop a ps3 disk in a 360, sure it may seem the same, but it’s different.