Running the Portal Boss Fight in Garry's Mod

Ok. I can load the escape_02 map. I figured out how to make GLaDOS talk by copying over Portal’s files. I can’t figure out how to make the cores stay put.

Basically, Everything works except the cores.

When a core drops from GLaDOS’s body, It will appear for a second and then it’ll disappear randomly. The beam effect will throw an error that the core is “missing” even if i can spawn the prop just fine. Is there something I forgot to copy or a setting I need to change… what do I do?

In addition to that, Garry’s Mod takes ages to load escape_02 and it crashes if you noclip out the map to get to GLaDOS’s chamber.

What’s happened to GMod? Has Garry broken it as usual? Well, I suppose he has as he always does -_-

haha yeah remember back in gmod 8 when he broke the toolgun hahaha that was so hilarious… silly garry, always breaking things


Without Lua coding you wont be able to fix that ( And many other map bugs )

Is there a pre-made lua script i can use?


Ok, new gmod update.

Opens gmod

Starts up escape_02 map

Oooh, GLaDOS subtitles work.

GLaDOS deploys “surprise”


Sometimes I wonder if ANYTHING is being fixed. -_-

Entities from mountable games will NEVER be added. ( Because we do not have the code for them )

Is there any way i can add them/get the code for them?


So, there’s NO WAY i can get this to work?

How did this guy do it:

Did you even watch the video?? He just killed himself, he never completed the fight.

They are not present in the video as well.

Monitors = Working
Cores = dropping
GLaDOS = Speaking

what I asked for is happening, I’d like to know how.

If there’s no way of even just getting one of GLaDOS’s cores off without them disappearing with some sort of Harry Potter magic trick, i’m just going to have to cry in a corner.

The main reason I asked this is because I couldn’t get the boss fight working in the original Portal game; every prop was invisible. When I loaded the map in GMod, everything was visible and I expected it to work; except it didn’t.

Verify your Portal game, or contact Steam support.

In GMod, it doesn’t work since the core become an entity as soon as it hits the ground when GLADOS drops it, and since GMod doesn’t have that entity registered, it removes the core.

Have you actually watched the video? Like seriously?

The monitors do work in GMod. The cores never dropped in the video. He spawns a prop later in the video that looks like the core, but it obviously doesn’t do anything.

As for GLaDOS not speaking, this is a bug that will be addressed in the future.