Running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and I have white dots all over my screen :(

Everything works fine but i have white dots covering my screen more when i look up and i am running dev build thanks guys.

I was getting this day before yesterday when the patch for dev came out that actually fixed the keyboard bug. I don’t know why but it went away after a reboot and never came back. Ubuntu 15.04.

Ill check and see if its still there.

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it is but there are less white dots XD

Same in Mint 17

Devblog 67.

That was referring to keyboard inputs becoming locked. This is an entirely different issue.

Still not working on my end, as I posted about over a week a ago. Mint 17. I think this is the longest I’ve gone without playing Rust. Luckily, Ark: Survival Evolved works fine so I’ve been getting into that.

Ive been playing ark 2 but i have a problem where i cant hear any1 elses mic at all…

I’ll admit I get that problem too. Kinda weird saying to people over VOIP “I can’t hear you because my sound is bugged”. I usually just use local chat to tell them, which is far less confusing. Handy having the option of local and global chat, at least.

Rust however, as I said in this thread, does not work for me at all. 3 weeks and nothing, no change.