Running Water Noise

Hey there I have a issue with my garry’s mod sandbox server which runs the map gm_bigcity.
Basically what happens is after about 5 - 10 minutes a running water noise plays whilst i’m playing on gmod nothing triggers it it just randomly goes on.
I have tried stopsound which works but then the noise appears again!
Any help is appreciated!

You probably have a weather mod installed or something like that, look for “Atmos” in your subscriptions.

Yeah but even if i have it in my subs why does it interfere with my server?

Make sure it is not installed on your server too.

i still get the issue :confused:

Remove all the add ons from your server and client

and then add them back?

Well check if the sound is gone first without the add ons. If it is, then add them back a few at a time to identify which one is causing the noise

Open console and write “stopsound” without "