Runway-Jngle A

Some of the detail work i did for jungle. Creating tunnel for cars and trucks as well fixed up a mine cart bridge. Please as always comment and give feedback!


Please try to stick to one thread per project, either update the previous thread’s OP or post your new screenshots in a reply instead. We have enough people making threads as-is.

That being said it’s a nice looking screenshot.


Added for Runway- Prison cell

Tasked of having individual prison cells so this one i took some time working on deeply with tons of detail. Cant wait for the demo to come!

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Sorry I’m kind of new to forums and how they work. This first time ever doing it didnt mean to spam them. But i be sure to stop over posting forums

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Anyway to delete the posts?

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Don’t worry about deleting your current threads, just pick one of them and focus on that.

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Heres a WIP on the same cell making feel more like a workshop