Rush through Mist

First there was Rush Through Gas,then now there’s Rush through Mist

Op,I think you should think of different thread title names. :v:

It’s a kind of series :rolleyes:

“The Mist” is a cool movie. Loving the picture!

The hazmat dudes could use some shading.

Oh and the ground textures are pretty bad looking, you could do something about it with photoshop.

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I like everything else.

Holy crap thats really good!
You are a King among men Ddok!

wow the fire effects are p neat

It’s been a while to hear praise from you

good things are worth waiting for right eh

Definitely one of your best, dude. I love that fire edit!

Tutorial on the fire effetc required. It is so amazing.

Nice, I like the edit a lot.

And I fucking love that movie! The most annoying character ever gets shot in the head, and the ending is fucking hilarious!

Seriously, thank God that bitch got shot. I’m not sure I’d characterize a father needlessly mercy-killing his son as hilarious though…

No the soldiers showing up 2 min later and then the world returning to normal is the hilarious part

and then that woman who left the market to find her kids at the beginning of the film shows up too and she’s like “yeah that’s pretty rough”

it’s just completely nonsensical so it comes across as hilarious. really should have used the book’s “ending” or a slightly modified version of it instead imo

Agreed. Not that I don’t love watching the national guard fry alien spiders with flamethrowers, but the ending was pretty poor compared to the book. Probably because film audiences don’t handle ambiguity very well.