Rush through the Gas

This week’s posings are over.

could do without the cartoony and attention-stealing tracers

I tried asking about them, but you weren’t on Steam.

because my computer broke again, don’t you read the chat thread

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i absolutely love the scale of the scene btw

Why are there three parachutes on the barrel of the tank?

It’s method of airdrop called LAPES

Except the parachutes for LAPES aren’t that small and they don’t just tie them on around the tank’s barrel.

The pose looks fine besides what joazzz said about the big cartoony tracers, they kind of ruin it.

I got insperation about LAPES at the singleplay trailer of CoD: Ghost. I just imitated it from the video clip. So it might not currect. Thanks for C&C.


btw, do you know any good model of C5 Galaxy?

this too generic… not enough sexy… need women are u fucking gay…

Well you could probably rip one from ARMA to use but for everyone else i don’t know.

The M1 abrams is too heavy to drop via LAPES and also won’t fit in a C130. The parachutes being on the front of the tanks makes no sense because the ‘PE’ part of LAPES is ‘parachute extraction’, meaning the parachutes are used to pull the vehicles OUT of the planes.

Emulating call of duty is not good if you’re aiming for any kind of realism.

You’d better check my previous two pictures. You can notice woman’s tits on them.

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Oh well… I just used C130 as C5 because I have no proper gigantic transport airplane model except an22.
And yeah copying the scene of CoD is not good while I’m making realistic posing. But I didn’t know much about airdrop. So that is why I copied a scene from the trailer.

You forgot the music man,

Woah, you are good sir.

Reminds me of that old World in Conflict trailer. All that’s missing is the Burger King. :v:

That scene was particularly funny because it seemed like the Americans’ main priority was to defend Burger King from the Soviets. ::v: