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Looks fantastic. love the scale of scene.

you can use [t.][/t.] tag for second pic. it unnecessary too big. dont write the .

[t]humbnails, dude.

the jpeg quality is pretty gross

Just use some stimpacks and they’ll be fine, no biggie! :v:

Wo-ow. If only bigger res worked and if only you added some rocks to make ground texture less flat and edgy…

Awesome as is, could be fucking LEGENDARY with proper compression and more detail props. If you’ve still got the dupe and want to take another screenshot with some z-depth, I’d love to take my own crack at editing this. The posing on all the ragdolls is awesome.

Welp, they’re boned.
pretty pic though.


No banelings and only one single hydra + bunched up. The marines ought to be fine. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish it wasn’t so yellow though. A color contrast would’ve been nice. Still a great pic though.