Rusisan GRU Operators catched some Chechenya rebels. (Warning: Blue and Generic)

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I gotta say, those russians look badass.

Yep, they looking really badass.:bravo: Can you give a link to this models?

Just like always, chl0407 will upload soon :slight_smile:


Okay. I’ll waiting.

or send a message to chl0407

i dont like the red, white, and black camo on the russian’s, love to see some KLMK reskins or Oakleaf


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Oops, my mistake

Rusisan - Russian

Catched - Caught

Woot awesome skins, what are the originals and where can I maybe get them?

Oh those gaint red stars everywhere

Those models do look nice though, and i want em :frowning:

EDIT: Also, is that a RPK or an AK47 on the guy in the very back.
If its an RPK, where from :frowning:

woohoo more badly proportioned mw2 models with ridiculous fantasy skins can’t wait :toot:

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Red camouflage. What.

Man, for the love of God, that’s not right.

“Red cammo istsnz not onli in Cod?”


They’ve got everything.

Apparently it’s “designed for quick recognition during “extreme situations” that the unit is called upon to respond to.”

Awesome!! That picture really ownes.
I like that you do not use normal Mw2 models and Operators! :slight_smile:
And i really like Spetsnaz, that makes it more awesome. 5/5. Nice job.

It’s blue and generic. (JK)

But seriously, it’s very good.