Russia 1: Unbeliavable high ping and Facepunch_Kick_RCON

I was going to open serverbrowser and look for another good russian server, but I found Russia 1 in official server list.
I was confused a bit, was not waiting for this. So I logged on this server and … ping 300+, each 1-300 seconds you are kicked(at last I was kicked in 1 second for about 5 times in a row).
Is this normal for official servers? Excluding cheaters that’s the biggest problem of official servers for now.
UPD1: Tried to play on UK2 server. Appeared in the stone and Facepunch_Kick_Violation. OK.

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That was temporary problem. Now it’s out. Sorry.

Again. Facepunch_Kick_RCON
I hate it so much. Each 1-5 min i am kicked with no reason from official server.