Russia FarEast (Asia) hight ping (>220) for any hosting companies!


We have a problem, play on European servers unreal (PVP)
Even buggy animals that need corny kill to get food.

We have a data center in the Far East, but hosting companies do not see profitability, though a lot of my friends are addicted to this game.
Why can not we create one, perhaps, a private server for this game? Why do not you give us this opportunity?
Even on the assumption that we juridical person?

Why can not we find the usual contact at your site on which you can make an inquiry? All sites placed contact information, but your - no, or I’m not very careful that it is not noticed …

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the developers have chosen not to release the server software this early in development. the game is in alpha status so a lot of things are not yet fully functional or implemented.

Has there been any talk on when it might be released? We’re also in East Asia and having similar problems which a home server would fix.

edit: i can’t spell.

I know it. What about whitelisting datacenter? Ping is hight - this is a big problem.


Same goes for south america. There are a few hosting companies that offer game hosting on south east asia and in south america but they got no response from facepunch yet.

you have my sympathies. i know several players from far east Russia who play ping sensitive (<100 ping) games with 180 ping. i feel bad for them. contact your server providers and let them know about Rust and how many players it has. good luck

I give information about this game for my backbone provider, but developers not answered положили большой жирный х^&, болт



Bumping this thread will not help fixing your problem any faster. But I saw they are planing to release LAN servers. When I don’t know. You just have to be patient. I know that that is an alien word for anyone born after 1980 but it means you have to just wait and stop QQ about it.