Russian AA Tearing an Air Transport to Pieces

I had a blast making this, and I think I have perfected smoke :3:


Comments, Praise, and Criticism Please!

You had a blast making it? I had a blast just looking at it!! It’s the best picture I have ever seen!!! So my new background.

top notch

awesome lighting and editing

not only realistic, but it also has like a believable action-esque feeling to it

Holy… wow thats awesome! My screenie, just like Fort.

Beautiful. Almost looks like real life.

That is one sexy picture you got there!
I have nothing bad to say.

I love all your pictures, and this one is amazing, but I just don’t like the bright orange glow coming out of the Russian AA. However A++ picture.

Bright orange glow?

You mean from the muzzle flashes?

Nice man.

We need and awesome rating

Awesome editing

Utterly sexy.

Holy shit.
Awesome Editing.

That is amazing V!

holy crap, best editing on gmod I’ve seen so far. doesn’t even look like gmod, actually, heheh.

Awesome!! It’s my new background :smiley:


Nice job , i like those effects.

I’m drowning in jizz.

You sir, are a God amongst Gmod’ers

After being away for 3 weeks, this is the first page I opened. And,